Cobit 4.1: A Maturity Level Framework For Measurement of Information System Performance

Universitas Respati Yogyakarta requires methods and structured approach in its evaluation, especially in academic departments. This should to be done to assess the fit between institutional objectives with management that has been applied. COBIT is a framework used to assess, measure and control the performance of institutions in the management of IS/IT. COBIT is also accepted and harmonized by its users, because the framework is built from the goal, rules and institutional policy where all processes are analyzed by looking at the alignment between the objectives to be achieved by the procedures/policies implemented by the institution. In this study the author uses COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) version 4.1 on the domain Planning Organization (PO). The results of the study conducted performance measurements are made in the form of academic information system analysis, mapping the level of maturity and recommendation for Universitas Respati Yogyakarta, which is expected to be a management model for other institutions.


Some companies do not hesitate to invest their share in the field of Information Technology (IT), although the investments make enormous drain on the budget. This is done as an effort to get the convenience and benefits of the use of IT, which is expected to help the performance of the company to conduct a competitive business strategy. However it turns out, the investment made by the outcome often is not generated. Assessment and evaluation of investments that have been issued for the implementation of IT is proper to be considered. Based on some research explained that the company has begun to realize and start doing performance measurement and evaluation.
To make the use of performance measurement and management of IT, then The IT Governance Institute (ITGI) as an institution conducting the IT governance arrangements that have standardized tools or frameworks is widely used in the world including COBIT, ITIL, COSO, ISO, and so on. COBIT is a reference method/framework for measurement and control of information technology. COBIT framework is a standard that is considered the most complete and thorough as IT audit framework as developed based on the rules/procedures of internal company/institution where COBIT is used, so the time will be measured in accordance with the conditions, rules, procedures and norms that work in the company. COBIT has also been developed on an ongoing basis by professional NGOs auditors spread throughout much of the country, where in each state builts a relationship that can manage these professionals.
Performance measurement in academic information system at the Universitas Respati Yogyakarta that utilizes IT as a means of supporting the process is expected to support the management of the education process. For example at the beginning of the selection for new students, the learning process which is done, lectures supporting components such as the method used, the curriculum and other provisions such as faculty, students, facilities, other facilities until the graduation of students who need to be evaluated in order to produce quality and good service and competitive education.

Information Technology Architecture

The Information Technology Architecture (ITA) is described through a set of views, each from the perspective of a different stakeholder. An individual view captures items meaningful to the stakeholders as elements and their interrelationships expressed in a standard form, the structure of the view, and the view’s correlation with other views. Typically, groups within the organization possess a mixture of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS), frameworks and custom-developed legacy applications as well as data stored in databases and directories. In such an environment, functionality and data embedded in one application cannot be easily merged with functionality and data provided by another. Such an endeavor usually requires the creation of a yet another separate application. Further, each of these applications relies on a proprietary client for user interaction.

COBIT Framework

COBIT Framework is an IT governance framework aimed at management, IT service staff, department control, and audit function more critical to the business process owner. COBIT Framework as a framework for the management needs for measurement and control of information technology provides the tools to measure the ability of information technology that will continue to be developed. COBIT framework is created to serve as a reference to exercise control over information technology and can ensure confidenciality, integrity and availability of the data. The results obtained from the IT Governance is used as a reference or management guidelines, one of which is COBIT which has a measuring tool such as maturity models, CSF, KGI and KPI. COBIT has a measurement indicator management of information technology in business processes.
From the results obtained it appears that the institution has a different level for each PO domain. In general, institution occupies level 3, which means that the institution has procedures in management, has been communicated and documented for each element in the institution. However, the implementation is still highly dependent on existing human resources willing to perform the procedure or not. That existing procedures are still limited to the formalization of implementation available, and management needs to improve planning and organizing. The discrepancy between the technical implementation of management policies with existing will be reduced by the control and measurement refers to guidelines such as COBIT Framework KPI, KGI, CSR and maturity models in COBIT Framework for monitoring ranging from policy-setting; monitoring is being conducted at the time, until the goal is achieved.


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